Domaine G.Roumier Chambolle Musigny

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“The history of the Domaine.

The current head began build wines this Domaine was founded by Georges to the grandfather of the Lumière Kristof Lumière, from 1945, the owner 元詰. In Mr. Kristof’s father, Jean-Marie said in 1961, took over the Domaine, corton Charlemagne-Musigny and gradually up-owned farms. And in 1982, Mr. Kristof joined the Domaine. Try to express the terroir of the vineyards of each Mr. Kristof, engaged in winemaking.

“Cultivation and brewing.

At the Domaine owns about 12 ha vineyard. Cut vines is piece wing Guido in herbicides and chemical fertilizers fell not incorporates agriculture. Carefully limit 8 bunches per share raises the quality of the grapes, except leaves firm best to field and prevent rotting of grapes.
Harvesting is done by hand-picked all the selection in the vineyard and brewery and twice. Especially picking at the brewery, severely, leaving the State and quality of the grapes. Destemmed percentage varies by the appellation, is 70-100%. Grapes are moved to a concrete tank (depending on the appellation’s stainless steel tanks) and 11 ° C in the low temperature dipping 10 days do. And 1, 2 paddles put over about two weeks, while the liquid circulation and natural yeast in alcoholic fermentation. Then, press with pneumatic presses, the wine is transferred into barrels. Different appellations each new barrel rate, aged 15-40% in about 16 months.


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